Welcome to My Little Eye!

From 2005 through 2009 Lauren Matovic Smith dabbled and jotted, rhymed and envisioned the perfect bedtime story for her little girls.  In 2010 she published the imagination, magic and fantasy she called "My Little Eye".   "My Little Eye" is a tale of a child who, on a night like any other, discovers an adventure like no other.  A simple night of stargazing unleashes a world of possibilities and endless imagination.  "My Little Eye" is more than a story, it is a message for her girls and her readers that it is not what you are looking at but what you see that truly matters.  That there is more than meets the eye in life and that is where the magic truly lies.  So always look through curious eyes and never stop believing, dreaming, wishing and seeing.



"My Little Eye reminds each of us to keep dreaming. Using rhyme and vivid language, Smith paints images with words of far off places and adventures. I am adding this to the stack of bedtime books in my son's room."

- Sarah Buxton, Literacy Consultant "


"A beautifully written journey of imagination captured through the eyes of a child."

- Kate MacDonald, Elementary School Teacher